Autonomous safety on vessels

The trend is clear, higher level of automation is entering all sectors of transportation and it stretches from searching for natural resources and all the way in to our homes. Shipping vessels and the shipping industry is changing rapidly. The world’s first smart ship with shore-based monitoring and controlling “I-Dolphin” will be keel laid September 2016 built in China1 and delivered 2017. US DARPA2 is about to launch a 130-foot long remote controlled surface vessel with high level autonomous features and Boeing3 a 51-foot unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV); both are designed for months of service in combination of remote controlled and autonomous modes. This report is an overview of trends in the shipping industry and other transport/logistic domains that might be worth a closer scrutiny and reflection for inspiration and further development. 

Pre study finished: July 2016
Partners: Victoria Swedish ICT, Chalmers, Stena, Wallenius, Swedish Maritime Administration

The full feasibility study on Autonomous Safety on Vessels (PDF)

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