Can money for reloading promote transfer of goods?

The Agency of Transport Analysis is tasked with analysing whether money for reloading could be an option to promote transport arrangements that include shipping and rail.

Reloading cargo is an additional cost for the companies that choose intermodal transports by sea or rail. This leads to the elimination of intermodal transport options in favour of transport chains without reloading, the Swedish government writes.
As a follow up on the national freight transport strategy, the Agency of Transport Analysis shall:

• Describe the costs of reloading between different modes of transport and analyse how the costs affect the competitive conditions between the different transport modes and, secondly, if there is a need to promote intermodal freight transport.

• If the assessment is that there is a need to promote intermodal transport, an analysis should be made of which economic instruments and other measures that are cost effective, where reloading money could be an alternative. Proposals are not to be submitted in the tax area.

• Describe the possibilities for increasing the incentive to choose transport arrangements that include rail and / or shipping, within the framework of current EU regulations.

• Describe relevant financial instruments and other measures that other countries in Europe apply to increase incentives for choosing transport by rail and shipping, even though they require reloading and to analyse the pros and cons of these.
The task shall be reported 1 March 2019.

More details in Swedish on the governments website:

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