Proposal for a national strategy for fossil-free hydrogen presented

The Swedish Energy Agency has today presented its proposal for a national strategy for fossil-free hydrogen, electric fuels and ammonia to the government. The strategy sets concrete goals for both 2030 and 2045.

By 2045, five years before the EU, Sweden will not have any emissions of greenhouse gases in order to achieve negative emissions thereafter. In that goal, hydrogen will play an important role, primarily for the industrial sector but of course also for the transport sector.

– The strategy must set a direction that can be shared by both the state and business. It must also make clear what conditions need to be in place for us to be able to utilize the potential that the use of hydrogen and electric fuels offers, says the Swedish Energy Agency’s Director General Robert Andrén, in a press release.

The Swedish Energy Agency proposes two goals for electrolyser capacity. The goal by 2030 is to create conditions for 5 GW (electricity) electrolyser capacity and an additional 10 GW (electricity) electrolyser capacity by 2045, a total of 15 GW. This could reduce Sweden’s emissions by between 3 and 6 percent by 2030 and between 15 – 30 percent by 2040 compared with today.

The Government will now take part in the proposed strategy in its entirety and the proposals will be prepared within the Government Offices.

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