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Lighthouse is a neutral collaboration platform for research development and innovation in the maritime sector


eComExpo – Arlandastad

Event start: Sep 27, 2023

World Maritime Day

Event start: Sep 28, 2023

Så blir den nationella flottan grön!

Event start: Oct 16, 2023

News From Lighthouse

11 September 2023

There will not be enough supply of green fuel

In order to reach the climate goals, shipping needs access to between 30 and 40 percent of all carbon neutral fuel th...
05 September 2023

Ammonia may be commercially viable as early as 2026

In a new report, the Global Maritime Forum claims that the cost gap between ammonia and conventional fuels can be clo...
01 September 2023

Is it possible to get all countries to follow IMO's stricter climate targets?

Yes, answered Roel Hoenders, head of climate action at IMO, when he was asked the question by Lighthouse director Åsa...