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Organisation and contact


Åsa Burman


Phone: +46 (0)31-772 26 74
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Lars Nicklason

Communications Manager
Phone: +46 (0)31-772 36 73
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Caroline Ferning

Phone: +46 (0)31-772 20 03
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Membership in Lighthouse

The Lighthouse organisation consists of the Founding Committee, the Board, the Program Committee and the Office. New members are welcome to join the Board and the Program Committee.

Founding Committee

The Founding Committee includes the eight parties (The Swedish Shipowners’ Association, The Swedish Maritime Administration, Region Västra Götaland, The Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation, Chalmers University of Technology, University of Gothenburg, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Linnaeus University) that formed Lighthouse's second phase in 2015. Ahead of the third phase (2022-2026), a new Principle Agreement, with associated operational plan, was signed between the eight parties.

The Founding Committee has the overall responsibility for Lighthouse's orientation and as a party to the Main Agreement tthey also have the right to be part of the Board and the Program Committee. Each party contributes financially to  Lighthouse.


The Lighthouse Board makes decisions on the annual budget and operations, feasibility studies and projects and determines project proposals for the Swedish Transport Administration's industry program Sustainable shipping which Lighthouse operates (decisions are made by the Swedish Transport Administration).

In Lighthouse's third phase, when operations are to be broadened and developed, Lighthouse shall work actively to connect more relevant actors (companies, institutes, universities, etc.)

New members are approved by the Board according to the following criteria: A new member shall have good possibilities to contribute substantial values ​​to Lighthouse's operations, join Lighthouse loyally and work for the realisation of Lighthouse's purposes, goals and vision.

Membership is available at two levels and for a priod of at least 24 months:

  • Level 1 gives the right to be a member of the Board and the Program Committee and to propose, participate in decisions and performance of pre-studies and projects. The member contributes at least SEK 100,000 per year.
  • Level 2 gives the right to be a member of the Program Committee and to propose and participate in performing pre-studies and projects. The member contributes at least SEK 50,000 per year or at least 50 hours per year in addition to Program Committee meetings.

Program Committee

The Program committee has a composition of members who provide good knowledge of both current and future needs in the shipping industry as well as interdisciplinary maritime competence. The members of the Program Committee exchange information and experiences among themselves and promote and initiate cooperation between different actors. The Program Committee  generates and evaluates proposals for both Lighthouse feasibility studies as well as project proposals for the industry program Sustainable Shipping. The Program Committee also supports the Lighthouse office regarding other activities such as seminars, work in focus groups, etc.


The Lighthouse office consists of a director, a communications manager and a coordinator. The office coordinates the industry program Sustainable Shipping, arranges seminars and workshops, runs focus groups and the Lighthouse trainee program. In addition, the director has several national and international assignments in reference groups and boards. The Lighthouse office also conducts external monitoring and communicates current and relevant research and innovation to the maritime sector's actors and other interested parties.

Board of directors

Harry Robertsson, Chairman, Stena
Sinisa Krajnovic, Chalmers University of Technology
Per Cramér, University of Gothenburg
Jakob Kuttenkeuler, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Fredrik Hjorth, Linnaeus University
Joel Smith, The Swedish Maritime Administration
Anders Hermansson, The Swedish Shipowner’s Association
Kenny Reinhold, The Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation
Mikael Hägg, RISE Research institutes of Sweden
Mattias Haraldsson, VTI

Åsa Burman, Lighthouse

Tryggve Möller, Terntank (adjunct)

Lighthouse Programme Committee

Lighthouse Programme Committee guides the Lighthouse work towards the vision of a competitive, sustainable and safe maritime sector with a good working environment.

The programme committee meets 10-12 times every year and has worked out the ten prioritised areas which are the foundation of Lighthouse efforts to achieve the vision; and strengthen Swedish maritime competitiveness through innovation and meet challenges within climate change and environment, maritime safety and working conditions.

The members of the Programme Committee:

Per Wimby (chairman), Stena
Jonas Ringsberg, Chalmers
Clas Gustafsson, Furetank
Johan Woxenius, University of Gothenburg, GU
Erik Fridell, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Karl Garme, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH
Fredrik Ahlgren, Linnaeus University
Andreas BachSwedish Maritime Technology Forum
Fredrik Karlsson, Swedish Maritime Administration
Christian Finnsgård, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Pelle Andersson, Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation
Magnus Berglund, VTI
Per Tunell, Wallenius
Björn Samuelsson, Uppsala University