The effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the Swedish shipping industry and its resilience capabilities

09 August 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has emphasized the importance of maritime transportation as
an essential element to economic development and social welfare. Authorities have
implemented policies and restrictions to safeguard public health and worked together with
private firms to secure the supply chains and transport conditions.
This prestudy aims to investigate how the Swedish shipping industry has been affected by
the coronavirus pandemic and how it is likely to affect shipping in the mid-term and longterm future. This report covers the effects and actions taken during the acute phase from
March 2020 to May 2021 with a certain focus on the Swedish shipping companies’
resilience capabilities. In order to evaluate the role of the Swedish shipping industry in
promoting strategies to mitigate coronavirus effects, the study carried out a review of
Swedish newspaper articles and briefly reviewed publications in international scientific
outlets. The rendering is structured along a framework of resilience capabilities.

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Publisher: Åsa Burman
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