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Lighthouse Newsletter #1 2020 – Seminar, Young sailors die of heartattacks, Politics must act and more.

Lighthouse Newsletter #11 2019 – Let more packages float, Seminar, Two sides of shipping, LASH FIRE and more.

Lighthouse Newsletter #10 2019 – Port politics, mental health, boat factor, port state controls and more.

Lighthouse Newsletter #9 2019 – Seminar: Inland and coastal shipping, Fossil free public transports, Future maritime training and more.

Lighthouse Newsletter #8 2019 – This autumn’s events.

Lighthouse Newsletter #7 2019 – Almedalen, Seminar inland and coastal shipping, Ammonia and more.

Lighthouse Newsletter #6 2019 – Seminar Smart Sailors, Almedalen, The next generation steps on board and more.

Lighthouse Newsletter #5 2019 – Time to accelerate, the buzz is growing, more money to maritime R&D and more.

Lighthouse Newsletter #4 2019 – Seminar – Sustainable Shipping for SEK 150 Million!, Vessels will be smarter but hardly self-driving, new Lighthouse pre-study

Lighthouse Newsletter #3 2019 – Seminar Smarta sjömän, Lighthouse to run 100 SEK program, Shipping must be seen more

Lighthouse Newsletter #2 2019 – Shipping is too invisible, Lighthouse in waterborne, It’s not about one fuel and more

Lighthouse Newsletter #1 2019 – VR at sea, cooperation not easy to achieve, virtual fuel sensors and more

Lighthouse Newsletter # 11 2018 – Unprepared shipping industry, human centered design, a solution to get the propulsion system to work optimally and more

Lighthouse Newsletter #10 2018 – Challenges for urban water transit, strong year for international shipping and more

Lighthouse Newsletter #10 2018 – importance of seafarers, waterborne transport and more

Lighthouse Newsletter #9 2018 – investment in fossil free freight, call for articles, new research

Lighthouse Newsletter August 2018 – new pre studies, Almedalen week, sustainable shipping and more

Nytt från Lighthouse June 2018: Kan butikskunden betala för sjöfartens biobränslen?

Lighthouse newsletter May 2018: Energy efficiency seminar, new trainees, funding calls and more

Lighthouse newsletter April 2018: New shipping programme, energy efficiency seminar, new research and more

Lighthouse newsletter March 2018: New study on electrification, GreenPilot seminar, study on government investments and much more.

Lighthouse newsletter February 2018: Alternative fuels, new seminar and new funding opportunities

Lighthouse newsletter January 2018: new seminar, report from Transportforum and new research on simulator based training

Lighthouse newsletter December 2017: Time to apply for the trainee programme, seminar coming up, drivers for ZEVs

Lighthouse newsletter November 2017: Focus on research, funding and a report from our roro seminar

Lighthouse newsletter October 2017: Report on Nordic R&D, workshop invitation, new research and other news

Lighthouse newsletter September 2017: About wasted food, maritime research, autonomous shipping and much more.

Lighthouse newsletter August 2017: large interest for electricity, new national transport plan, upcoming meetings and more.

Lighthouse newsletter June 2017: time for Almedalen, new research and new funding opportunities

Lighthouse newsletter May2017: Maritime meetings, new regulations and a job opening at Lighthouse

Lighthouse newsletter April 2017: International port conference, focus on electricity, new Lighthouse trainees and new Chalmers organisation

Lighthouse newsletter March 2017: Presidential meeting, compete with your thesis and maritime business opportunities

Lighthouse newsletter February 2017: Inland waterways, new Ligthhouse report, funding opportunities and more

Lighthouse newsletter January 2017: New calls, new research and a report from Transportforum 2017

Lighthouse wishing you a Merry Christmas – newsletter December 2016

Lighthouse newsletter November 2016: Smart vessels, a maritime action plan, the governments research bill and new research

Lighthouse newsletter, October 2016: MEPC 70, upcoming events and thoughts on Swedish shipping.

Lighthouse newsletter, September 2016: New task for Lighthouse, everyone’s talking about autonomous shipping, new seminars, new funding opportunities.

Lighthouse newsletter, August 2016: Unique focus on postdocs, Lighthouse in national news, upcoming seminars and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, June 2016 – Almedalen special and some more.

Lighthouse newsletter, May 2016 – New in kind bank, EMD2016, Swedish Energy Agencys´ thougt on shipping and much more.

Lighthouse newsletter, April 2016 – Exciting research and events coming up. Meet another Lighthouse trainee and follow ups on seminars.

Lighthouse newsletter, March 2016 – Intense April awaits, Blue growth calls, New textbook, Lighthouse trainee programme and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, February 2016 – Meeting with Swedish Energy Agency, How routeing can improve shipping and interesting Lighthouse seminars coming up.

Lighthouse newsletter, January 2016 – Focus on shipping during Transportforum, Water in the city seminar, and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, December 2015 – Report from the Lighthouse workshop, new communications manager, Merry Christmas and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, November, 2015 – The first study ever made on port state control officers, workshop where you can influence and take advantage of future maritime research, and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, October, 2015 – Workshop on how a sustainable shipping sector can be competitive, first doctoral thesis defense in Kalmar, and more

Lighthouse newsletter, September, 2015 – Seminar on funding possibilites for research and innovation, shipping business research prized, and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, August, 2015 – The Swedish maritime strategy, new thesis about oil spills, the Innovation workshop, and more Lighthouse newsletter, June, 2015 – Almedalen, meet the new trainees, and more.

Lighthouse Almedalen special, June, 2015 – All about Lighthouse’s participation during the Almedalen Week, and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, May, 2015 – A full day of Maritime Informatics, International PhD seminar in Kalmar, and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, April, 2015 – The world’s first methanol driven ferry inaugurated, Lighthouse seminar: Maritime Informatics, New method for complex designs, and more

Lighthouse newsletter, March, 2015 – Hesitation in recognising impairment losses, Lighthouse seminar: Maritime Informatics, See the ship as a whole and save energy, and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, February, 2015 – Underwater technology in focus at KTH, reduced time in port to save fuel at sea, new PhD-thesis on piracy, and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, January, 2015 – New Lighthouse phase set sail, wide range of prominent research at NMU DNV GL, new innovation award for maritime sector and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, December, 2014 – Research on why regional SOx regulations, the maritime sector at Transportforum, Trainee Programme application open and more

Lighthouse newsletter, November, 2014 – Scientific Advisory Board evaluation of Lighthouse 1st phase, test persons wanted for MONALISA 2.0, pleased Lighthouse trainees and more

Lighthouse newsletter, October, 2014 – Report from Annual Strategic Workshop, Swedish Energy Agency invests in shipping, particles matters, and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, September, 2014 – Annual Strategic Workshop, article on NOx and SOx cap and trade awarded, a farewell and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, August, 2014 – New Lighthouse Director, Almedalen inauguration appreciated, Theme Day on Arctic shipping and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, June, 2014 – The Minister for Infrastructure inaugurates new Lighthouse, launch of new website and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, May, 2014 – The job as new director announced, Lighthouse movie a success, trainees designated and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, April, 2014 –  Lighthouse seeking permanent director, movie premiere at Swedish Maritime Day, and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, February, 2014 – New Trainee Programme, negative reply on SIO-pledge, new Professor of Practice and more.

Lighthouse newsletter, November, 2013 – Lighthouse application to Vinnova, succesful seminar, energy efficiency research and more.