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Adam became a master at being new to the job

26 April 2021

The opportunity to test different jobs attracted. A year and four companies later, Adam Andersson states his expectations of the Trainee program were met. Since April, he’s on a new job at MacGregor.

“I calculate if ramps and other load handling solutions are strong enough when it comes to strength”, says Adam Andersson.

He is very happy with the new job at MacGregor. He got it because of two things. Firstly, during few months in the autumn of 2019 as a Lighthouse trainee, he got to test and discover that he liked the job and the company. Secondly, his boss liked him.

“When they had an ad out, he reached out to me. Without that contact, I do not think I would have had this job”.

Adam Andersson heard about the Lighthouse Trainee program when he studied to be a naval engineer and shipbuilder at Chalmers. It was a good way to get an insight into the industry and make contacts, said former Chalmers students. And his own trainee period has lived up to expectations despite that the corona pandemic came in the way.

“It was a little different than I expected, but no one’s is to blame for that. I missed a period abroad. I was supposed to be in Norway during a reclassification of a platform for Floatel, but we were not allowed to travel there due to the restrictions”.

He had some sort of luck anyway. Just before the outbreak of the pandemic, he was at the shipyard in Weihai China for five weeks, where Stena's latest new construction was nearing completion.

“I was there for both MacGregor and Stena Teknik. I changed my helmet on the shipyard, which was a bit unique. First I worked for a supplier of equipment and then for the customer.”

The time in China was a very different experience. The work environment is not like in Sweden and it was difficult to communicate.

"That was the biggest challenge. I did not know any Chinese and they usually did not know any English. I got to communicate using an app. But most of the time it was exciting in China. I got to take part in the sea trials for Stena Edda. It was very fun to be part of and see all the tests."

During his trainee period, Adam Andersson worked in four different companies - MacGregor, Stena, Floatel and SSPA. That made him a "master at being new to the job." Well, that's probably what he has mainly brought with him - an ability to adapt to new companies, environments and people. And of course, the contacts. After completing his trainee period, Adam Andersson worked for a few months at Göteborg Energi before that call from his former boss at MacGregor came. He now recommends others to apply for the trainee program.

"The opportunity to test different things is invaluable. I did not know that before, but after the trainee period I know several jobs that I can imagine having."

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