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Alexandra new coordinator at Lighthouse

14 August 2017

Alexandra Bakosch is new coordinator at Lighthouse since August 14th.

Alexandra has an M.Sc in logistic at Linköping University and is currently on leave from SSPA where she worked as project manager within maritime operations. 

Welcome to Lighthouse!
- Thanks! It feels amazingly exciting to be part of the Lighthouse team. I look forward to being part of an arena that creates positive conditions for sustainable shipping, and where there is an opportunity to network with many interesting companies and individuals.

Who are you?
- I'm from Skåne but have lived in Gothenburg for almost 7 years and I like it very well here. The Swedish west coast feels exotic with access to beautiful nature and big city life. As a person, I am positive and outgoing, I like adventure, challenges and to travel. And I got a weak spot for sweets.

Tell us about your professional background?
- For the last 6 years I have worked with shipping from different perspectives. Many projects have focused on alternative fuels for ships, both at national and European level. More regionally, my project experience has involved sea logistics issues for major infrastructure projects in the Gothenburg region.

Alexandra replaces Carolina Kihlström, former coordinator, who now works at Swedish Shipowners' Association.

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