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Caroline Ferning, new coordinator at Lighthouse

04 October 2021

She does not like boats and thinks the sea is a bit scary. Caroline Ferning's interest in shipping is rooted in completely different things. And it all started in Brussels.

With a fresh bachelor´s degree in social science with an environmental focus, Caroline Ferning had a plan. First a six-month internship at the Center Party's Brussels office and after that master's studies with a focus on international business or marketing.

- But in the European Parliament, I discovered that shipping was largely left out of the political discussion about the climate change of the modes of transport. I saw that as a major problem. So I started focusing on shipping issues.

Back home in Sweden, she started studying logistics and transport management at the University of Gothenburg, which resulted in a master's thesis on the inclusion of shipping in the EU ETS.

- Shipping is a giant industry and the whole world is dependent on it. But people in general knows little about it know and so far the work to go green within the industry. Now, however, things seem to be starting to happen and for me it feels like extremely good timing to get in and work in shipping.

As coordinator at Lighthouse, Caroline Ferning gets a key role in the work with the Swedish Transport Administration's industry program Sustainable Shipping and in initiating and arranging seminars, workshops and projects. She will also be responsible for the Lighthouse Trainee program, which is run jointly with companies in the industry.

- I like networking and are looking forward to being part of developing Lighthouse contact network, both nationally and internationally. I also look forward to getting acquainted with all the projects that Lighthouse has underway.

There should be no problems with that. Caroline Ferning enjoys reading reports.

- The latest I read is the European Energy Agency's report on how energy flow in Europe will be sustainable and fossil-free. I can recommend it. Reading reports is the best way to find out things.

Since 2017, Caroline Ferning has worked as a financial assistant in the hotel industry during holidays and vacations, as well as the time after she took her master's degree last year. It is an experience that is useful in the administration work at Lighthouse.

Caroline Ferning started at Lighthouse on October 1st. She succeeds Louise Warenius, who has left Lighthouse and is on leave from her job at Chalmers.

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