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Consequences of nitrogen emission control area for shipping to be investigated

19 August 2016

The Swedish Government will investigate the consequences for Swedish industry by the introduction of a of a nitrogen emission control area, NECA, in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. The reason for this is that the UN Internatioal Maritime Organisation, IMO, currently is studying how a NECA could be implemented.

The investigation will be done by the government agency Transport Analysis in consultation with the Swedish Transport Agency. The report shall pay particular attention to the competitiveness of companies both in terms of companies operating in the shipping sector and Swedish industry in general. Previous analyzes of health, climate and environmental effects of the introduction of nitrogen control area should be summarized. -The Government´s view is that shipping in Sweden has a great potential to increase its share of freight transport. Shipping has an important role in strengthening Swedish industry and export. It is also important for shipping companies to reduce their emissions of both greenhouse gases and air pollutants and contribute to the transformation of the transport sector, Anna Johansson, Minister for Infrastructure, says. An interim report shall be submitted by 30 September 2016 and a final report shall be made by 31 March 2017.

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