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Cooperation for maritime electrification launched

21 March 2018

The Swedish Shipowners´ Association, ABB Sweden AB, ABB Marine Oy, Stena AB, the research institute RISE and the battery company Northvolt have decided to collaborate for increased electrification of shipping.

At a seminar in Stockholm, the parties signed a memorandum of understanding, MoU, to jointly contribute to climate-smart shipping, international competitiveness and increased export opportunities for green technology. Minister for Industry Mikael Damberg attended and celebrated the initiative.

- We have smart systems, but they are not tweaked for innovation. We need rules and regulations that promote innovations, said Minister of Industry, Mikael Damberg.

Three challenges
Stena CEO, Dan Sten Olsson, mentioned three challenges when it comes to electrification of vessels; to develop energy storage technologies, transfer of energy between docks and ships, as well as reduced energy consumption on board. He also mentioned the need to successfully recover lithium and cobalt.

Markus Högblom from ABB Marine sees a future where ships will be built upon an electrical ecosystem and that batteries and fuel cells will gradually replace fossil fuels.

- Within five years we will see ships that run entirely on fuel cells, said Markus Högblom.

Synergies with vehicles
An important partner is RISE who works to establish an electromobility lab where hopefully the shipping sector can take place. It is important to get synergies with the vehicle development.

- By utilizing our technical expertise in marine industries and transport electrification, we hope to be a strong innovation partner for Swedish shipping, John Rune Nielsen, Research and Business Development Director, RISE, says.

The involved parties has agreed to cooperate in the field of electrification for shipping and now the real work begins, Minister for Industry, Mikael Damberg, noted.

- How do you take a whole new step? I see electrification and green energy as the basis of the conversion, said Mikael Damberg, and said that if cost and risk can be shared, development will move faster.

Want to know more about electrification?
Lighthouse recently published a pre study on electrification for shipping. Read about it below. 

Mikael Damberg

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