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Finally! More money for maritime R&D

25 April 2019

The Government has decided to almost double the support for research and innovation in the shipping area - from the current SEK 55 million to SEK 100 million. Well-needed money, which means that one of the most important short-term goals has been achieved.

“When I started at Lighthouse four years ago and a national collaboration platform was started, one of the important goals for maritime actors was to get increased state funds for maritime R&D. We aimed to reach SEK 100 million within five years. And now the government this implementing this”, Åsa Burman, Lighthouse head of operations, says.

The Government now hopes that the support will promote the export of the industry's competitiveness and reduce the environmental and climate impact.
“Increasing the competitiveness and attractiveness of shipping is important, not least in the work of reducing the transport sector's emissions. The investment in research and innovation strengthens shipping and, for example, facilitates a transfer of freight transport from road to sea”, Minister of Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth says in a press release.

The initiative is part of the implementation of the national freight transport strategy, which the government decided in 2018. And perhaps even more money is to be expected.
“We double the provision to the Swedish maritime R&D - and that's just the beginning”, Tomas Eneroth said at the Swedish shipowners association annual meeting in the afternoon.

“It will be interesting to get more information about what the government decision means”, Åsa Burman says. Are there any focus areas, specific initiatives or goals? When will the money arrive? 2020 or is it a supplement already this year?”

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