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Financial claim, a possible use of PortCDM

09 October 2018

PortCDM, part of the Sea Traffic Managment project, STM, has described in a new concept note, how Port CDM can handle financial claims and unpaid port charges.

The concept note is published by Fathom World and can be read and downloaded here:

The Port CDM Concept aims to create time stamps and a common communication language between different businesses involved in a vessel’s port call.

In the latest concept note the authors, led by Mikael Lind at RISE, argue that a vessel owner, and other parties that are highly transparent with data, can provide the necessary data to better validate many financial claims.

“For example, if a shipping company had access to a port’s system of record it would be able to see when and where a specific ship received services from a pilotage company, tug service, linesman provider,and so forth. Validation of port call expense claims is an important potential by-product of the spatial-temporal data collected under Port Collaborative Decision Making (PortCDM) – as one of the enablers of the Sea Traffic Management (STM) concept,” the authors write.

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