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Food waste can become ship fuel

19 April 2022

Just over a third of all food waste in Västra Götaland becomes biogas. However, the region is well placed to develop its production system. According to a new pre-study, food waste could produce biogas equivalent to 163 megawatts per year.

Within the framework of Sweden's environmental goals, there is a goal for at least 75 percent of food waste to be used for biogas and plant nutrition. In Västra Götaland, this would correspond to 135,000 tonnes of food waste. Today, approximately 66,000 tonnes are collected, Biogas Väst writes in a press release.

If the full potential of approximately 180,000 tonnes of food waste is utilized, biogas production could be approximately 163 gigawatt hours - something that would be needed as the demand for biogas grows.

“Heavy traffic is increasingly switching to biogas and shipping is also beginning to claim large volumes. There is also great interest from industry as an alternative to electrification”, says Helena Sandmer, coordinator for Klimatklivet at the County Administrative Board.

According to the pre-study carried out by Sweco on behalf of the County Administrative Board and Biogas Väst, Västra Göta land has good conditions to develop its regional biogas system with increased socio-economic benefits and secure energy production. But it requires that the collection of food waste increases significantly in the county's municipalities at the same time as the capacity for pre-treatment and digestion of food waste is strengthened.

One of the conclusions of the pre-study is that “clear goals and clear political direction are required for the continued development of the biogas system. In addition to this, dialogue and needed to clarify the tools available to decision-makers and other actors. "

“The pre-study provides a good basis for continued dialogues with actors and decision-makers in the county. We will continue the work to increase the production and use of biogas in Västra Götaland”, says Bo Ramberg, process manager at Biogas Väst.

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