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Government: Shipping should be given priority immediately

29 April 2019

Doubled funding for Maritime R&D, but no more money for transport R&D in general. With last week's decision the Government orders the Swedish Transport Administration to immediately make the necessary priorities in favor of maritime research.

It will be interesting to get more information about what government decision entails, Lighthouse operations Åsa Burman said when the announcement came from the government last week. So, Lighthouse sent the infrastructure department some questions. Below is the subject council, Magnus Axelsson replied to them by mail.

1. Sweden has for a long time invested very little for maritime R&D. Why does the bet come right now?
“With the decision on the national plan in May 2018 the Government announced that the investment in maritime research would increase. The Swedish Transport Administration has begun to allocate more resources to shipping than before, but with the decision the Government gives the Swedish Transport Administration orders to promote a faster escalation of support for maritime research.”

2. When does the money come? 2020, or is it a supplement already this year?
-“With the decision, the Government wants to give a clear signal that the proportion of maritime research will increase. The overall framework set by the Government for research and innovation in the transport area will not be expanded, but the Swedish Transport Administration must within the given framework make the necessary priorities in favor of maritime research. The government expects that work to begin immediately.”

3. Are there more details about focus areas, specific initiatives or goals?
“The Government's goal of increased research in shipping is of course to increase the attractiveness of shipping so that the proportion of freight transport on the lake increases. Above all, because a transfer takes place from the road, but also with a crosscutting perspective in focus with the ambition to increase efficiency and environmental considerations. The Swedish Transport Administration will continue to be responsible, in collaboration with the relevant actors, for the research funding being allocated to the right areas.”

4. The press release states that "The Government wants the Swedish Transport Administration to work more actively to inform about the support for high-quality research and innovation projects." How? Hasn’t that been done enough before?
-“With the decision, the Government wants to give the Swedish Transport Administration the task of further increasing cooperation with the shipping industry and with the academy, so that the goal of an almost doubled research in the shipping area is reached as quickly as possible.”

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