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21 August 2019

…Åsa Burman who brings Lighthouse to Donsö Shipping Meet.

Why are you going there?
- Because the fair, which is held every two years, is the best place to meet relevant players with an interest in the development of sustainable shipping. For two days, the international maritime cluster will gather to network and participate in spontaneous and scheduled meetings.

So where can one find you?
- First and foremost in the Lighthouse booth located in Garden, D05. There you’ii also find my colleagues Louise Warenius and Lars Nicklason and of course - a lot of information about what Lighthouse is doing. Come by and learn more about the Swedish Transport Administration's industry program Sustainable Shipping or about upcoming projects or pre-studies. You can also raise questions and ideas that can contribute to the continued development of shipping.

You have also been given the opportunity to give a presentation from the stage of the fair.
- Yes, I will tell you a little about Lighthouse and the Swedish research on sustainable shipping.

What is important to address in this context?
- The fact that shipping is facing many major challenges. One is how we should reduce the environmental impact of shipping while maintaining and increasing its competitiveness. This is a huge issue that has gained momentum with the IMO's goal of halving emissions by 2050.

Will you talk about something more?
- We’ll see. It can be something completely different too.

Finally, what do you hope to bring with you from Donsö Shipping Meet?
- New acquaintances and new participants in our network and upcoming projects. I hope to bring with me some project and development ideas as well. And of course, a sense that the industry is in a positive development and that shipping will be able to help solve the larger sociotal challenges we face.

Link to Donsö Shipping Meet

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