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How the Swedish shipping is affected by the war in Ukraine

13 October 2022

The Ukraine war has not had any direct impact on Swedish shipping, but the sanctions against Russia have, among other things, led to higher fuel prices and problems with staffing.  This according to a new report.

No Swedish-flagged ships or Swedish sailors have been caught in the war zone. It's logical. Maritime traffic between Russian and Swedish ports was relatively small even before the war, and only a few of the maritime personnel on board Swedish-flagged ships come from Russia or Ukraine, writes the Swedish Transport Agency.

On the other hand, Swedish shipping has been indirectly affected by the war in Ukraine.

- Despite the fact that Swedish shipping companies do not have any widespread operations in the Black Sea, they have been indirectly affected by the war, among other things through the sanctions and problems with staffing. In addition, the increased fuel costs have made sea transport more expensive, says Erika Persson, investigator at the Swedish Transport Agency in a press release.

At the beginning of April, sanctions were introduced that prohibit ports within the EU from receiving ships registered under the Russian flag. Since then, only one exemption has been granted and that was for a Swedish company whose vessel was registered under the Russian flag.

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