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IMO introduce mandatory data collection by 2018

01 November 2016

United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) has decided to introduce a mandatory data collection system for reporting fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions from ships globally. The system will come into effect already January 1, 2018.

- It is positive that shipping's fuel consumption are to be reported internationally. It is an important part of the efforts to create a sustainable shipping with lower climate impact says Swedish Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson in a press release.

Under the new requirements, ships of 5,000 gross tonnage and above will have to collect consumption data for each type of fuel oil they use, as well as other, additional, specified data including proxies for transport work. These ships account for approximately 85% of CO2 emissions from international shipping.

The new mandatory data collection system is intended to be the first in a three-step approach in which analysis of the data collected would provide the basis for an objective, transparent and inclusive policy debate in the MEPC. This would allow a decision to be made on whether any further measures are needed to enhance energy efficiency and address greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping. If so, proposed policy options would then be considered.

The MEPC also approved a roadmap (2017 through to 2023) for developing a “Comprehensive IMO strategy on reduction of GHG emissions from ships”, which foresees an initial GHG strategy to be adopted in 2018.

It contains a list of activities, including further IMO GHG studies, with relevant timelines and provides for alignment of those new activities with the ongoing work by the MEPC on the three-step approach to ship energy efficiency improvements mentioned above. This alignment provides a way forward to the adoption of a revised strategy in 2023 to include short-, mid-, and long-term further measures, as required.

Read more at IMO.

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