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Lighthouse meets Swedish MPs

06 April 2016

Swedish maritime research is at the forefront, but for Sweden to remain at the top, a greater focus in maritime industry and research is needed. That was the message to the Social Democratic MPs, Suzanne Svensson and Thomas Strand, that visited Lighthouse this week.

– The projects are getting bigger and bigger and there’s a need for greater resources to move forward, says Jonas Ringsberg, deputy head of department of Shipping and Marine Technology at Chalmers. 

Suzanne Svensson is a member of the Parliaments Committee on Transport and Communications and active in the parliamentary maritime network, while Thomas Strand is a member of the parliaments Committee on Education. During their day they met with representatives from the Swedish Shipowners´ Association and representatives from the collaborative platforms Zero Vision Tool, Sweship Energy and Lighthouse.
During Lighthouse presentation, ongoing activities and research at our partners from the academia, Chalmers, KTH, School of Business, Economics and Law, and Linnaeus University's maritime activities forward. A challenge the academia struggles with, is financing further research.

– There was no advanced research in maritime law until we started it. There is much that needs to be done, says Lars-Göran Malmberg, professor at the School of Business Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg. The money we get goes to undergraduate studies and it is difficult to finance postgraduate studies, he continues.

Lighthouse ambition is to invite other political parties to talk about maritime opportunities and challenges.

– It's been a great day, I have learned a lot. It’s good to get a deeper knowledge about education and research. That’s something I benefit from as a member of the Committee on Education and in the talks with the Ministry of Education and Research, Thomas Strand says.

– It has been an interesting and informative day. There are things I would like to immerse myself even more into, says Suzanne Svensson, who will also visit the Linnaeus University to get more information about their maritime research.

Text and photo: Andreas Kron

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