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Lighthouse supports major investment in fossil free freight transport

28 August 2018

In a new major program about fossil free freight transports, the Swedish Transport Administration invests SEK 290 million in the research program Triple F (Fossil Free Freight). As a member of the Triple F consortium Lighthouse will contribute with expertise in shipping issues.

Sweden aims to become one of the world's first fossil-free welfare countries by eliminating all greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. An important interim goal is to reduce emissions by 70 percent by 2030. This is the background to the Fossil Free Freight research and innovation program, which focuses on a fossil-free freight transport system. The Triple F program has been developed in a broad consortium, led by the neutral cooperative platform CLOSER at Lindholmen Science Park and Sweden's two largest research institutes in transport research, VTI (National Road and Transport Research Institute) and RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden).

"The long-term perspective and our broad collaboration - this combination gives us good opportunities to achieve a conversion to a fossil-free freight transport sector, while contributing to Sweden's competitiveness," says Maria Oscott at Lindholmen Science Park, program manager and coordinator.

The focus will be on three major challenges:

  • A more transport efficient society.
  • Energy efficient and fossil-free vehicles and vessels.
  • Increased use of renewable fuels.

Lighthouse is one of the participants in Triple F's consortium and will serve as a triple helix group with special expertise in shipping issues.

"Through our partners and members, we have within Lighthouse a combined maritime excellence and knowledge, from the academy, institutes, industry and society. We want to contribute with intelligent and innovative ideas. Shipping, which is a very energy efficient mode of transport, can be a major contributing factor to achieving the goal of fossil-free freight transport", says Lighthouse Director, Åsa Burman.

The Swedish Transport Administration has initiated and finances - with SEK 290 million - the program in line with the national freight transport strategy announced by the government in June. Following the program, the program will actively work for more players to enter as financiers.

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