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Louise Warenius, new coordinator at Lighthouse

02 May 2019

Bye bye Brussels, Bye bye EU-job. In June, Louise Warenius returns to her hometown Gothenburg to become a coordinator at Lighthouse. In her first job on Swedish soil, she gets a key role in the work with the industry program Hållbar sjöfart and will among other things run seminars, workshops and projects.

- It will be fun and exciting to work with the industry program. I´m looking forward to learn more and to establish contacts with the different stakeholders within industry, academia and authorities, says Louise Warenius.

She graduated in European studies at the University of Gothenburg in June 2017 and has since July the same year worked at Sweden's Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels. She has, among other things, reported to the Government Offices from committee meetings in the European Parliament and from working groups in the Council of the European Union.

- Now I look forward to focus on what is happening in the national arena. I have worked quite broadly with industrial policy, where shipping has been a part, and it will be interesting to focus on it specifically and get a greater insight into the research field.

She starts her work at Lighthouse on June 17th. A couple of weeks later she will meet the industry in Almedalen - something she thinks will feel like the usual business to her.
- I associate Almedalen with interest groups and lobbying. And here in Brussels I am constantly in such an environment. The smallest chemical or animal is represented here in some form of organization. It will be exciting to see how this works in Sweden, says Louise Warenius.

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