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Many awarded by the Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation

12 May 2017

Out on the sea, the crew members often have to trust themselves to solve problems that arise. And the inventiveness of Swedish seamen is something that is not lacking.

Since 1977, the Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation has awarded seafarers who have made efforts to improve working conditions and leisure time at sea. At the award ceremony, which was held at the Swedish Sea Rescue Society in Gothenburg, 40 awards and prizes were handed out, with a total prize value of over half a million.
The day began with a review of the research supported by the Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation, including a report from SSPA on how the right lightning on board increases the rest for the crew. Other research projects will be presented later on the Lighthouse website.

Creative solutions

Among the prize-winners and their solutions, both advanced technological innovations and significantly simpler but equally effective solutions were presented. For example, M/S Cinderella had problems with the fact that serving trolleys were rolling also in calmer seas. But by installing electromagnets that held the wagons when they were not needed, the repairer Bengt Björklund fixed the problem and was rewarded by the Foundation.

Another problem that the crew of M/T Fox Luna was having was that the anchor easily got to the hawse the wrong way when pulled up. The only measure was to hoist the anchor upside down and hope it would turn right. But by modifying the anchor log by welding solid round iron, sailor Anders Listerberg could get the anchor to turn the right way by itself. The smart solution could very well work on other vessels with similar problems.

The Foundation´s sports award was given to sailor André Filipowics, who participated in sports for seamen since 1996. The crew aboard M/S Stena Spirit was rewarded for their handling of a truck fire on car deck three and the cousins ​​Henrik and Daniel Pettersson (picture) got the prize for saving the lives of two people canting a small boat.

Honorary award for long-term work

The Foundation also rewarded an honorary award to the Swedish Sea Rescue Society Deputy CEO Rolf Westerström for his work for SRSS. Under Rolf's leadership, SRSS has increased from 19,000 members to 110,000 and SRSS has had a decisive and influential importance in international maritime rescue.

During the Book Fair in Gothenburg, the Foundation will award its Literature Prize, which this year goes to journalist Linda Sundgren, editor of SAN news and last year debuted as fiction literary author with the debut “Ondska utan ånger”.

More details about each award can be found in the Foundation's award folder here:

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