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Meet the maritime resarcher: Johannes Palm on snap loads and wave energy

04 December 2017

Johannes Palm works with anchoring dynamics for floating wave power plants. Meet him in our interview serie with maritime researchers.

- The reason for this field of research is that we want to try to help the wave power industry to establish itself. There is a great potential globally, but in order to exploit the potential, more development steps must be taken, Johannes Palm says.

- We are looking into snap loads in the cables and quantifying what happens when a cable becomes slack and then strecthes out again. Then a shockwave is created, or a snap load propagating back and forth in the cable. And this is what we do, develop calculation tools to capture what's happening in the cable.

The calculation method can be used on all types of cables. For example, anchoring cables on a deck of a ship or a wire in the air.

- I am very excited to be at the university and work with this kind of model development. It's very satisfying to do a thing properly and it's fun to build models that can be used for practical engineering problems, Johannes Palm says.

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