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Millions for research on emission allowances

05 June 2020

As recently as May, Lighthouse presented a pre-study on how shipping would be affected by an inclusion in EU emissions trading system. Now it’s already clear that the research group behind the study will receive further funding of SEK 4.3 million from the Swedish Transport Administration to run a major research project.

“It will be a continuation of the pre-study with more in-depth work done”, Anna Mellin, environmental economist at the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, says

She’s not surprised by the decision made by the board of the so-called Maritime Portfolio. The research is relevant, the EU wants to incorporate shipping in its emissions trading system (EU ETS) in its so-called Green deal, and the signals the research group has received from the Swedish Transport Administration have been positive.

Compared to the pre-study, what difference does the research focus have?
“Above all, it will be a clearer environmental focus. We want to be able say much more about the amount of emissions and the impact shipping have on air pollution and not just on the climate.”

What will be the big challenge?
“It’s difficult to predict how the industry will react to various incentives. So I think acceptance becomes a challenge. Then we have the negative effects of the coronapandemic. When companies are doing poorly, there may be less room to invest in innovation.”

The research project will commence in the fall and will continue until the autumn of 2022. It will result in one or two scientific articles, but also in more easily accessible texts, presentations and seminars. The target groups are decision makers, authorities and industry.

The research group includes Anna Mellin, Julia Hansson, Erik Fridell, Lars Zetterberg and Milan Elkerbout (all from the IVL Swedish Environmental Institute), Anastasia Christodoulou (World Maritime University) and Johan Woxenius (University of Gothenburg)

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