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Money for maritime research and innovation

08 March 2017

In 2017 there are 60 MSEK earmarked for the funding of research and innovation in the maritime sector. The aim is to contribute to maritime development and strengthening its role in the transport system.

The Swedish Maritime Administration's press release:

"The Swedish Maritime Administration cooperates with the Swedish Transport Administration regarding decisions on financing projects through maritime national funds for research and innovation. According to the International Maritime Organization, IMO, shipping is expected to increase by 30-46 percent by 2020 and by 150-300 percent by 2050. The Administration has therefore seven priority research and development areas that will contribute to a more efficient, safer and environmentally more sustainable shipping.

- A large part of the funds are already committed to multi-year projects, but there is space for taking on additional projects. Project proposals are reviewed regularly, says Göran Rudbäck, research and development coordinator at the Swedish Maritime Administration.

The proposals received are reviewed at recurring meetings. We welcome your proposals for projects that can help to innovate, develop, strengthen and improve the conditions for Swedish shipping. The next deadline for proposals is April 3, 2017. "

More info (in Swedish) available at:

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