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New edition of the textbook Logistikrätt

21 April 2017

The text book Logistikrätt (Logistics Law), written by Göran Stöth, at Kalmar Maritime Academy, has been updated to a new edition.

From Libers homepage:

"The book Logistikrätt (Logistics law) deals with the legal rules surrounding the logistics mission, which describes the rules regarding agreements and purchases as well as risk transfer. The book also lists which insurance policies are of interest and handle important liability issues regarding logistics services. The second edition (2017) of Logistics Law is thouroghly updated. It also deals with and compares the standard agreements NSAB 2000 and NSAB 2015.

Göran Stöth holds a law degree and works as a teacher at the Kalmar Maritime Academy at Linnaeus University. His focus is on logistics and commercial business law, both Swedish and international. In addition to his work at Linnaeus University, he works as an educator and consultant to the business community."

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