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New preliminary studies on its way from Lighthouse

11 June 2018

The Lighthouse Program Committee has initiated two new preliminary studies to be carried out during the year. One pre-study focuses on the provision of skills in maritime industry, while the other will investigate how virtual reality (VR) can be used in the maritime industry.

A challenge for further growth in the maritime sector is, among other things, the provision of skills. In a preliminary study, the skills needed for shipping and the maritime industry will be mapped. In Norway, such work has already been done, and the preliminary study should also look at how the Norwegian model can be transferred to the Swedish maritime industry.

The preliminary study will ultimately identify possible proposals on how to ensure the provision of skills to meet different skills needs for the Swedish maritime industry. Christopher Anderberg at Chalmers is responsible for the preliminary study.

VR for the sake of safety
The second pilot study, VR at sea, will describe and investigate the possibilities of using VR / AR technology in the training of risky moments in the maritime domain in order to enhance seafarers' safety in advanced maritime operations and rescue operations.

In shipping and other offshore industries, there are a number of challenges when it comes to installations, maintenance and high-risk work where training in a virtual world could contribute to increased understanding of complex work processes and moments, more effective working methods and safer rescue efforts. Responsible for the preliminary study is Mikael Hägg, RISE Viktoria.

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