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New trainees to Lighthouse trainee programme 2017-2018

25 April 2017

Stena Teknik, Floatel, the Swedish Transport Agency, TTS Marine AB, SSPA and Alfa Laval all takes on a great responsibility for the future of shipping when participating in Lighthouse trainee programme. August 28 is the day two newly graduated Naval Architects, Karolina Malmek and Claes Tretow, begins their journey in Lighthouse trainee programme. They will be given the opportunity to work at three different companies that are part of the programme. Both have great expectations for the trainee programme and are looking forward to interesting and exciting trainee periods.

Congratulations and welcome to Lighthouse trainee programme! Why did you apply to Lighthouse trainee programme?

- I am passionated about Gothenburg and think that what is happening in the marine sector here is interesting. I wanted to try to work for several different companies and to experience the width of the industry. Looking around the world feels important since marine technology and shipping are international sectors. I get the chance to see the whole chain from design to production and meet the people behind in the trainee programme, Karolina Malmek says.

- It was especially for the great career opportunities that exist and the opportunity to see much of the Swedish shipping industry and learn about the different parts. I think that in order to succeed as an engineer, it is important to have a broad system perspective across different parts of the shipping sector. I also want to develop as an engineer and contribute to reduced environmental impact from shipping, Claes Tretow says.

What are your expectations?

- I expect it will be fun and challenging. I think it will be instructive but sometimes a little frustrating when entering a new career role. Then I think I will meet many people and get a chance to see new things. I hope I get to know and become a part of the shipping industry in Sweden, Karolina Malmek says.

- Get involved with experienced engineers in different areas and learn a lot about different products and systems that the different companies develop and gain a deeper understanding of the shipping industry in Sweden and internationally, Claes Tretow says.

What do you mostly look forward to?

- I am looking forward to use and apply the knowledge and tools received at KTH and contribute to the development of new technologies. The international experience we will get also feels very exciting as well as creating a network of contacts in the Swedish shipping industry, Claes Tretow says.

- It will be interesting to follow real design and design projects and see the results of them. It is a big difference from studying and something I look forward to. I think it will be exciting to see what is going on right now in Sweden and meet those who work with it, Karolina Malmek says.

What do you hope you can contribute with during the trainee programme?

- I think I can contribute both with my energy and knowledge. I like when things happen, are powerful and always want to learn new things and try to think in new courses, Karolina Malmek says.

- I hope I can contribute with a drive and energy and also with technical knowledge that is fresh from the university. Perhaps even be able to contribute with my own visions regarding the future if shipping, for example, in terms of energy efficiency. I am passionate about issues relating to the reduction of maritime climate, and I think it is important to develop technology that moves the shipping sector in the right direction, Claes says.

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