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Passenger traffic was more than halved in 2020

24 May 2021

While freight traffic was barely affected, Swedish passenger traffic decreased by 54 percent during the pandemic year 2020. New statistics from Transport Analysis show this.

Passenger traffic was hit hard in 2020. The number of arriving and departing passengers to and from Swedish ports, excluding visiting cruise passengers, plummeted from 30.5 million in 2019 to 14.0 million passengers.

“As in the rest of the transport sector, we see in shipping that passenger traffic has been hit hard by travel restrictions and closed borders during the pandemic”, says Henrik Petterson, project manager at Transport Analysis in a press release.

Most ports and passenger lines were affected, but to varying degrees. Stockholm lost as much as 77 percent of the travellers and lost its position as the largest passenger port. To Helsingborg, which is followed by Ystad. Traffic to Gotland did not decrease as drastically - 1.25 million passengers traveled to and from Gotland, which is a decrease of 32 percent compared to 2019.

When it comes to international passenger traffic, routes to Finland was mainly affected, which fell by 72 per cent. Things went better for trips to and from Poland, which fell by a moderate 22 percent. Poland thus became the third largest country for foreign travel after Finland and Denmark.

- For cargo handling in Swedish ports, no significant impact is seen on the total level for the full year 2020, even though it looks different for different types of cargo, says Henrik Petterson.

The sum of all cargo and unloaded goods in Swedish ports decreased by 1 percent between 2019 and 2020, to a total of 168 million tonnes. This is a smaller decrease than the year before.

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