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Praise for Chalmers as maritime university

16 August 2017

Chalmers department Mechanical and Maritime Sciences tops the list when the shipping site Fathom News lists the world's key universities in maritime research. "Chalmers is also linked to Lighthouse, which provides research and network platforms that support maritime research and projects" the site writes.

Fathom News, which is part of English Fathom Maritime Intelligence has listed eight universities that are seen as key actors in the field of advanced marine research with strong links to the maritime industry.

  1. Chalmers, Mekanik och maritima vetenskaper
  2. Southampton Solent University
  3. University of Southampton
  4. University of Tasmania
  5. Copenhagen Business School
  6. The Centre for Maritime Studies, National University of Singapore 
  7. The Singapore Maritime Institute, Singapore 
  8. Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Marine Technology

When it comes to Chalmers and Lighthouse Fathom News writes:

”This Swedish university is involved in a wide range of projects and research initiatives and is linked to the Lindholmen Science Park that allows industry, academy and public sector to run research and development projects in transport, ICT and the media. A comprehensive test simulator for marine transport and navigation is based here to help develop sustainable transport and electric propulsion.

Chalmers is also connected to the Lighthouse project, which provides research and networking platforms to support maritime research and projects. The project serves to develop Sweden as a key player in sustainable shipping through innovation in logistics, navigation, energy efficiency and alternative fuels.”

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