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R&I call: 45 MSEK for energy efficient projects within the transport sector

26 January 2017

The Swedish Energey Agency invites applications within the program Energy efficiency in the transport sector. Projects that may be supported under this call shall clearly contribute to an energy and resource efficient transport system. Application deadline is March 15, 2017.

In the transport sector there is great potential for energy efficiency. The purpose of the call of 45 MSEK is to create new knowledge through research, development and demonstration of new, innovative solutions.

The Agency has identified a number of challenges to achieve an energy and resource efficient transport system. Applications should be directed to one or more of these challenges:

  • How do we solve transport needs in an energy efficient manner, for example through the transfer to more energy efficient modes of transport?
  • How can planning be used to provide the conditions for a more energy efficient transport system?
  • What forces can be identified to change behavior in individuals and organizations to contribute to an energy-efficient transport system?
  • How can digitization opportunities be utilized for the development of energy-efficient passenger and freight transport?
  • How can existing passenger and freight transport become more energy efficient?

Read more (in Swedish) at The Swedish Energy Agency.

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