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Right kind of light gives better rest for crew

26 January 2017

Getting enough sleep is a challenge for many people. For seafarers whose work does not follow the normal day, it becomes an even greater challenge, especially if you also add factors such as noise and rolling seas. In a report done by SSPA for the Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation, states that the right kind of lighting can help to provide seafarers getting a better rest and sleep.

Among all the factors on board which affects sleep and wakefulness, perhaps the effect of light is less known, writes SSPA in the report and discusses how a light source of blue light used correctly can benefit our circadian rhythm. Light with blue wavelengths similar to normal daylight has the ability to increase our alertness when we are exposed to it. When we are not exposed to it, for example at night, the production of melatonin increases which makes us naturally tired and gives us a good sleep.

Strategically using light management techniques can help crew to adapt to work better at night instead of daytime. It takes approximately 5-6 days using light management technology to completely adjust yourself to night work.

Read the full report from SSPA below (in Swedish).


Rapporten om fartyg, människa och jlusmiljö

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