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Rolls-Royce part of Lighthouse trainee programme

03 January 2018

Rolls Royce AB has entered the Lighthouse trainee program and thereby becomes another maritime workplace for the participants in the Lighthouse trainee program.

The recruitment process for next season's trainee program is currently undergoing, the season lasts from August 2018 to September 2019. The trainee program is aimed at newly graduated Naval Architects from Chalmers and KTH, aiming to strengthen and contribute to the provision of skills in the maritime sector in Sweden.

Every year, two trainees are expected to work in a number of maritime workplaces. Often there is also a stay abroad, for example at shipyards in Korea or Poland.

In addition to Rolls Royce, Wallenius Marine is also a new company in the trainee program for next season. Previously, Stena, SSPA, Alfa Laval, TTS Marine and Floatel participate.

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