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Smart vessels in the limelight

06 December 2016

About 80 people from several countries attended the Lighthouse seminar on Autonomous vessels – a higher degree of autonomy for increased safety. Now the efforts for a Swedish initiative continues. 

The seminar included everything from business models for autonomous shipping to the humans role on board future smart ships. And the seminar was covered by both national news in TV 4 and local Swedish Radio in Gothenburg.

- It is very positive that we get this issue in the spotlight. It has been a very interesting seminar that has provided many new contacts and I think we definitely have come a step closer to a Swedish initiative in this area, Åsa Burman, Director at Lighthouse, says.

Lighthouse has done a pre study on autonomous safety on vessels and brought industry, academia and society together. What will happen next?
- The next step is to try to seek funding for a major project to make tests in simulators and on board ships. We will meet stakeholders from Finland and Norway in January and early February.

What is the goal?
- An important goal is to increase the safety and efficiency of shipping on the basis of the ship's own systems. We can compare it with a vehicle that, for example, can slow down or turn by itself to avoid collision. Ultimately, it is about creating a competitive, sustainable and secure maritime industry, says Åsa Burman.

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