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Swedish Energy Agency invests 83 million SEK in new shipping programme

05 April 2018

The Swedish Energy Agency launches a 6-year shipping R&I program, worth a total of SEK 83 million. The program is long-awaited and represents an important reinforcement of maritime research and innovation in Sweden.

The program will start now in 2018 and last until 2023.

- This is a really important program because many of the shipping challenges are energy-related. There are many talented and foreseeable players in Swedish shipping companies and among maritime technology companies that can affect shipping operations and technical installations far beyond Sweden, with the opportunity to increase employment and export revenues, says Lighthouse Director Åsa Burman.

Prior to the program, the Swedish Energy Agency has conducted analyses that show that maritime transport activities have good opportunities to lead to increased sustainability and strengthened competitiveness for the Swedish maritime sector.

- We have been working on getting a shipping program since Lighthouse started as a national center just over three years ago. Our first work at Lighthouse was to prioritise key R&I areas, together with our partners and members, and describe challenges and research issues. It became very clear that many issues are related to energy consumption, efficiency and alternative fuels. We then launched a dialogue with the Energy Agency and presented the industry, its logic and stakeholders. I am very proud and pleased that the programme now is becoming reality and that we have been able to contribute by gathering the industry and demonstrating needs and opportunities, Åsa Burman says.

The program runs from 2018-03-22 until 2023-12-31 and has a total budget of SEK 83 million. Information about the first call from the program will be published shortly on the Swedish Energy Agency website.

Shipping on Swedish Energy Agency's agenda

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