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Temporary eco-bonus system to be investigated

02 March 2017

The Swedish government agency Transport Analysis will investigate the feasibility of introducing a temporary eco-bonus system in Sweden in order to speed up the transfer of goods from road to sea.

The mission comes from the Swedish government:

"The agency Transport Analysis shall investigate whether the eco-bonus system can contribute to cost-effective fulfillment of the Government's environmental objectives decided. The assignment also includes an outlook on other countries' work on eco-bonus system, such as Italy, Norway and the UK. Eco-bonus, for example, mean that the state pay for part of the additional cost when shippers are using shipping instead of road transport on routes where there is a major transfer potential.

The final report shall be presented 30 May 2017."

Zero Vision Tool has in the project ECA Bonus conducted a pre study and investigated if making use of sea transport solutions, in comparison with pure road transport solutions, reduce the social costs in total. One example from the pre study concludes that it is more cost effective to use the sea route when transporting timber between Sweden and Spain.

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