The first textbook on shipping and environment

02 March 2016

The lack of textbooks in the field of environment was supposed to be addressed with a compendium - but resulted in a book. Soon, the first comprehensive textbook on shipping and environment will be released, written by researchers at the Department of Shipping and Marine Technology at Chalmers in Gothenburg.
On 19 April, Lighthouse is organizing a book release event during a seminar on energy efficiency.

- This is a result of Lighthouse work. Our research department exists thanks to Lighthouse, Professor Karin Andersson says.

”Shipping and the Environment – Improving Environmental Performance in Marine Transportation” is partly about the environmental impact of shipping in general and partly what you can do about it. It contains chapters on, among other things, water, air, noise, marine organisms, fuels and different kinds of technologies for energy efficiency.

- We, as in all other environmental courses, lacked literature. We were going to write a compendium, but it just grew and grew until it eventually became a book, Professor Karin Andersson, who along with researcher Selma Brynolf has been behind the book project from the start, says.

- There were several people, from different places, who thought we needed to write a book. So we decided to do it, Selma Brynolf says.

Book content from their own research
The work on the book has been extensive and lasted for nearly four years. Selma Brynolf contributions are texts of future marine fuels, methods for evaluating the environmental impact of shipping and an outlook ahead on how the shipping can make less impact on the environment. She has also been the coordinator of the large group of writers, from Naval Architects to marine biologists, from Department of Shipping and Marine Technology, who has been writing for the book.

- It's fantastic that we managed and got it together with so many writers. It had not been a book without them. Everyone has been very positive, although it’s been a side project - everyone really wanted it to be a book, says Selma Brynolf.

Karin Andersson has contributed to several chapters, including humans and the sea, purifying technology and environmental management.

- We hope it will provide a greater understanding of why you do things, and not only that you have to follow the rules and regulations. I believe that it will serve as a book of reference, says Karin Andersson.

Will be used in environmental courses this spring
The book's width allows it to be used both in the bachelor program and master's programs, but also in graduate courses. The book will be used in environmental courses at Chalmers Marine and Technology starting this spring.

The book is published in Springer publishing house and will be available online as both a hardcover book and as a less expensive version without colour images.

Text and photo: Katarina Wignell, Chalmers, Shipping and Marine Technology.


  • Shipping and the Environment - Improving Environmental Performance in Marine Transportation released on 22 March.
  • Editors of the book are Karin Andersson, Selma Brynolf, Fredrik Lindgren (SP) and Magda Wilewska-Bien. The authors are Franceso Baldi, Martin Eriksson, Cecilia Gabrielli, Lena Granhag, Hannes Johnson, Hanna Landquist, Philip Linné (School of Business, Economics and Law), Mathias Magnusson, Kent Salo, Erik Svensson and Maria Zetterdahl. Foreword by James Corbett.
  • On 19 April, Lighthouse is organizing a book release event during a seminar on energy efficiency.

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