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The government wants state-owned vessels to become fossil free

26 February 2018

The Swedish Government has instructed the Swedish Transport Administration to analyse the conditions for a switch to fossil freedom for state-owned vessels, such as road ferries and pilot vessels. The Swedish Transport Administration shall also propose a strategy, including measures.

The result shall be based on at least two alternative target years - 2030 and 2045 - and identify the effects that can be achieved and what costs can occur. With this as a basis, a strategy will be developed which shows the order in which measures should be taken and how they should be followed up.

"The state should be an example of the transformation that the entire transport sector has to do. Therefore, the mission is an important part of the government's efforts to develop sustainable transport",Tomas Eneroth, Minister of Infrastructure, says.

Sweden's climate target has, among other things, established that greenhouse gas emissions for domestic transport, excluding aviation, shall decrease by 70 percent by 2030 compared to 2010.

Museum ships, Naval ships and the Swedish Maritime Administration's icebreakers shall be excluded from the analysis.

The assignment shall be reported by 20 December 2018 to the Government Offices.

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