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The right information can reduce accidents

26 May 2021

Clearer regulations, increased digitalization and enhanced coordination between different actors in the transport chain can reduce the number of accidents involving dangerous goods. These are the main results of a new pre-study carried out within the industry program Sustainable Shipping that Lighthouse runs.

“The goods go through several stages and pass several different actors. Then it is important that the information is accurate and correct”, said Marta Gonzalez-Aregall, researcher at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, when Lighthouse interviewed her about the ongoing pre-study work in February.

She further said that a key to solving the problem is to reduce paper handling and switch to an open and transparent IT system which follow the goods through all stages of the transport process.

The pre-study Reducing undeclared and misdeclared dangerous goods to improve maritime transport safety is now finsished. It is based on both literature studies and interviews with several different actors - including APM terminals, Stena Line, the Coast Guard, the Port of Halland, the Port of Trelleborg and the Port of Karlshamn.

The pre-study as pdf

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