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The story of PortCDM in two minutes

05 March 2019

PortCDM, the technology that aims to create time stamps and a common communication language between different businesses involved in a vessel’s port call,
has been tested and developed in nine European ports since 2013. There is now a film about the whole story.

Port Collaborative Decision Making, Port CDM, allow all actors involved in a ship's port to automatically exchange information with each other in real time. In this way, port calls can become smoother - idle times and queuing can be eliminated and a ship can, for example, slow down the pace to arrive at exact time for loading and unloading. Now RISE has produced a film about technology development.

- The film was made to show how PortCDM has grown for many years, also through application in other domains. In the commercialization phase that has begun to implement PortCDM at a global level, it feels important to show the history behind the concept, where also opportunities for PortCDM as a sustainable innovation are highlighted. It has so far been an exciting journey, but it is only now that we can look forward to the real effects of digitally collaborating ports as part of the sustainable transport system and then also broaden the scope to a multimodal solution, Sandra Haraldson, senior researcher at RISE, says.

View the film here

Or here
Financial claim, a possible use of PortCDM

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