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The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency announces research funding aimed at planning the transport system

31 May 2017

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency invites organizations, individual researchers or research groups to make applications in the order of a total of 2-6 million SEK spread over 2-3 years (2019-2021). Several projects can be granted in the field.

From the call:

With this call, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency wants to finance research aimed at increasing knowledge about how the planning of the transport system can contribute to achieving climate and environmental goals.

An application can be addressed to one of these areas.

  • The importance of climate and environmental goals in decision making relating to transport planning
  • The importance of the design of the regulations as well as informal structures in the planning of the transport system
  • Transport policy instruments for conversion to sustainable and fossil-free traffic in our transport system

The research referred to is expected to result in an improved knowledge of the importance of the climate and environmental objectives and its institutional prerequisites, for decisions regarding infrastructure planning and other transport policy. With institutional prerequisites, here are formal structures such as rules and informal structures such as habits, routines, norms of the actors involved in the planning process. Research is also expected to improve knowledge about how co-operative combinations that contribute to a sustainable and fossil-free transport system work and interact, and are influenced by national and regional conditions, attitudes, norms, and other relevant factors.

In this research, it is important to take into account the effects and consequences of urban and rural combinations of different instruments and measures. It is also important that the new knowledge generated takes into account ongoing technology development (such as electrical power and automation of vehicles) in the transport sector as well as the development of new business models (increased opportunity for automatic control and sharing of vehicles) that technology development is expected to lead to.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency expects to be able to take advantage of the results on various grounds for the government on how to manage the direction of an efficient and sustainable transport system.

Competent to apply are scientific organizations or dispensed researchers / research groups at universities, colleges, research institutes or authorities engaged in research as part of their mission. Research institutes are organizations that have research as their sole or main activity. The main applicant must be attached to an organization with a Swedish organization number.

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