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Three questions to previous Lighthouse trainees

12 January 2017

31 January is the last day to apply to the Lighthouse trainee programme. Here are some advice from previous Lighthouse trainees.

Karl Blomberg, Lighthouse trainee 2015-2016 

What's the benefits of the Lighthouse trainee programme? 
Lighthouse trainee programme provides an opportunity to see the maritime sector in Sweden from the different perspectives, to make connections, be inspired by experienced individuals in the sector and gain insight into different working methods. The program is like a suticase filled with industry knowledge that would otherwise take years to gain. Moreover, it is great fun to tour around in offices and shipyards in the world and pick up know how!

Why and who should apply?
This is the optimum program for technology interested ship nerds. Regardless of your previous experience and training, you are guaranteed new skills, and you will see on the marine industry with new eyes, total overview.

What advice can you give for the candidates?
Lighthouse trainee program distinguishes itself in that it is a collaboration between several parties in the same industry, and is not carried out in different departments within the same company that is otherwise normal. The applicant must therefore be prepared to rotate around to different companies and tasks, it's a special situation. You never really have time to contribute as much as you want in each place, before it's time to move on. The program comes with a responsibility for you to arrange some administration and determine a structure of tasks you take on. The advantage is the freedom to explore new technological areas and roles. Reagarding the application itself, a tip is to show your strong interest in technology in ships and motivation to become a player in the industry.

Lisa Kilsmark, Lighthouse trainee 2015-2016

What's the benefits of the Lighthouse trainee programme? 
The variety and that you get the chance to try different things. The ability to make connections is really good and you get to see so many different cultures and parts of the sector.

Why and who should apply?
It's an unbelievably great chance to know who you are as an engineer and what you want to proceed with. There are many who say that they wish they had a similar chance.

What advice can you give for the candidates?
Be open minded, try as much as possible and ask questions. I do not regret that I joined the program and it has given me a lot as an engineer and as a person.


Lighthouse trainee program is a unique collaboration between companies and organizations in the maritime sector that contribute to skills development in the maritime sector in Sweden. Participating companies are Alfa Laval, Stena, TTS Marine AB, SSPA, Floatel and the Swedish Transport Agency.  

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