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Video from our seminar: The energy efficient shipping sector

19 April 2016

(Video not available.)

A vessel's energy consumption has become increasingly important in shipping. Reduced energy consumption reduces the environmental impact of shipping and lowers operating costs. This spring new unique research on shipping efficiency is released.

Introduction to an energy efficient shipping sector
Professor Karin Andersson

The development of a model for energy consumptions in shipping technology
Francesco Baldi, dissertation in May, Chalmers University of Technology 

A generic energy systems modelling for energy efficient ship design and operation
Fabian Tillig, PhD student, Chalmers University of Technology

In Search of Maritime Energy Management
Hannes Johnson, dissertation in April, Chalmers University of Technology 

Sweship Energy: Collaboration and knowledge - exchange for a more energy efficient shipping sector
Josefin Borg, PhD student, Sweship Energy and Chalmers University of Technology
Ship energy optimization in socio-material practice
Martin Viktorelius, PhD student, Chalmers University of Technology
Systematic Approach on Energy Saving
Per Wimby, Project Manager, Stena
Panel discussion on future challenges and opportunities - How do we proceed?
Mikael Johansson, DNV GL, Per Wimby, Stena, Hannes Johnson, Francesco Baldi

Book release and mingle with drinks and snacks

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