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Video: Guiding the way to sustainable shipping

27 April 2018

What are the results and experiences from the GreenPilot project and how can the result benefit other shipping? Welcome to view the seminar that concludes the GreenPilot project.


Moderator: Åsa Burman, Lighthouse

10:00 Introduction Eva Errestrad, SMTF and Åsa Burman, Lighthouse

Prospects of sustainable marine fuels
Prof. Karin Andersson, Chalmers University of Technology, dep. of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences

Environmental challenges of the Swedish road ferries
Erik Froste, CEO, Swedish Transport Administration Road Ferries

Swedish Maritime Administration's view on sustainable maritime operations
Anders Nordin, Business Area Manager Transport & Fairway Services, Swedish Maritime Administration

GreenPilot: Small ship design
Bengt Ramne, MD, ScandiNAOS Joakim Bomanson, Development Engineer, ScandiNAOS

GreenPilot: Engine conversion
Patrik Molander, Project Engineer, ScandiNAOS 12.20-13.20

Lunch 13:20

GreenPilot – Environmental performance of smaller ships using methanol
Joanne Ellis, Project Manager, SSPA

Methanol marine fuel developments around the world
Eelco Dekker, Chief Representative Europe, Methanol Institute

Stena Lines thoughts on sustainability and future marine fuels
Cecilia Andersson, Environmental Manager at Stena Line Group

Södra’s roadmap for fossil free transports 2030
Henrik Brodin, Strategic Business Development Manager, Södra 15.55-16.15

Conclusions and future initiatives
Andreas Bach, Senior Project Manager, Swedish Maritime Technology Forum Bengt Ramne, MD, ScandiNAOS

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