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"Vinnova can strenghten maritime research"

16 November 2017

In a response to a parliamentary question, Sweden's Minister for Higher Education and Research, Helene Hellmark Knutsson, writes that Vinnova has the means to strengthen Swedish maritime research.

Last week, the moderate mp:s Boriana Åberg and Johan Hultberg asked the government how they want to strengthen cooperation between industry, academia and the public sector in terms of maritime research and how to increase Nordic cooperation.

The questions have their background in a report Lighthouse has written about Nordic Maritime Research and Innovation. The purpose of the report has been to map ongoing research, innovation, development and demonstration (FIUD) in the shipping sector and to analyze the potential for increased cooperation between Sweden and other Nordic countries (focusing on Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway) regarding Research, Innovation , Development and Demonstration in the shipping area.

Nordic comparison
In a comparison between the countries, it appears that funding opportunities vary considerably between Sweden and the other Nordic countries regarding government funds earmarked for shipping FIUD. While Sweden's funding for maritime FIUD amounts to 5-5.5 M € per year, Denmark has approximately 8 M €, Finland approximately 12 M € and Norway around 16 M € earmarked per year for shipping FIUD

Interviews with researchers of research, innovation and development also show that there is a general desire for increased cooperation with industry, academia and the public sector. Enhanced cooperation between Nordic players is also desired - but not at the expense of competence and academic excellence.

The minister's reply
Helene Hellmark Knutsson also sees the need for increased cooperation between industry, the public sector and universities in the maritime sector and writes in her response to the mp:s that this was the reason that the Government in the research proposition, Knowledge in collaboration - for society's challenges and strengthening competitiveness, chose to target one of five co-operation programs for next-generation travel and transportation.
Helene Hellmark Knutsson writes:

"The Swedish innovation agency (Vinnova) has been assigned to allocate contributions to cooperation programs that amount to SEK 155 million this year and gradually increase to SEK 400 million from 2020. Vinnova works, among other things, to strengthen and develop cooperation between universities, colleges, companies and other social actors. With these means, the Agency (Vinnova) has the opportunity to strengthen research in the shipping sector."

Johan Hultberg who asked a similar question has received a similar answer..

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