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Watch our seminar about renewable shipping fuel

06 October 2016

(Video not available.)

By 2030, Sweden will have a vehicle fleet that is independent of fossil fuels, in 2050 we will be a country that does not emit any greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. What does this mean for shipping and the maritime sector? The seminar is held in Swedish.

The broadcast (in Swedish) starts at 13.00.

Maritime transport will need to introduce alternative fuels to reduce their environmental and climate impact. In the short term because of tougher environmental requirements linked to fuel quality and emissions and in the long term to reduce the sector's carbon emissions. There is a need for more knowledge about alternative fuels from a maritime perspective as well as a need to learn from the early experience with various renewable marine fuels.

The knowledge centre f3 and Lighthouse invites you to an afternoon focused on renewable marine fuels. Meet the prominent researchers in the field and discuss the practical experience of companies in the industry. Where are we now in terms of alternative fuels in shipping and when can electro fuels be interesting? How does the development of technology and the technical possibilities for gas and methanol, and what can we learn from companies that use LNG, methanol and electricity for their operation?


The powerpoints as PDF

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