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Welcome to the Innovation workshop

07 September 2015

The Innovation workshop is a Vattenbussen and KTH initiative in their project Vattenvägen 365 (Waterway 365). The project aims at developing attractive and sustainable cities and a sustainable society. It’s all about how to use urban water ways, public transport and city logistics the best way.

Hello Susanna Kihl, project coordinator at Vattenvägen 365 and CEO at Vattenbussen.
What’s happening at the innovation workshop September 15?

The workshop is the first of its kind. It is an initiative to gather a wider set of people to discuss urban waterways. Our mission is to collect and disseminate research from within our field and that is one of the purposes with this meeting. We’d like to present what we have made this far, for instance the project Koll på vatten, that was finished this spring, and we’d like to get the participator’s opinions and thoughts on the subject.

Who should come?
We want a good diversity among our participators and hopefully they come from all parts of Triple Helix, the industry, the academy and the society. It could be shipbuilders, those who work with fuel or propulsion but also operators within the public transport sector and construction developers who may be affected when the waterways are used more than before. It would also be interesting to have vehicle manufacturers who are used to series production. And also anyone interested in the topic.

What will you do with the material you get from the workshop?
It depends on what we get, but we will not keep it for ourselves. It is important that we spread the knowledge. Now we build a new website that you reach at The material will be put there. But it is very much up to the participators and what they contribute with. If someone comes with new perspectives we might even start new joint project based on the input.

The workshop will be held in Swedish.

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