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Livestream: Sustainable shipping through improved energy efficiency – why and how

13 juni 2018

How can energy efficiency contribute to a stronger and more sustainable shipping sector? What are the business models and how do the shipping companies work with energy efficiency? What happens in the research front and how do Swedish authorities view the future?


10:00  Introduction
• Åsa Burman, Director, Lighthouse (moderator)

IMO’s greenhouse gas strategy
• Sofia Malmsten, Senior Environmental Adviser, Transportstyrelsen

Working with energy efficiency - part 1
• Ulf Hagström, Senior Vice President, Marine Operations & NB, Viking Line
• Mattias Mikkelsson, ESP Project Leader, Energy Saving Programme, Stena Line
• Jesper Lögdström, Head of Strategy, Innovation & Performance, Wallenius Marine

11:25  Refreshments

11:45  On-going research projects - part 1
• The integration of RoRo shipping in sustainable intermodal transport chains: the case of a North European RoRo service - Zeeshan Resa, PhD student, GU
• Predicting the energy efficiency at the design stage - Sofia Werner, PhD, SSPA
• Reducing ship emissions – the ShipCLEAN project - Jonas Ringsberg, Professor, Chalmers
• Wind-assisted propulsion – Green power for sailing  - Ruihua Lu, Postdoc Fellow, Chalmers
• Analysis of the hydrodynamic interaction between propeller, hull, and rudder - Jennie Andersson, PhD student, Chalmers

12:35  Lunch

13:25  Working with energy efficiency - part 2
• Suzanne Green, Project Manager, Sweship Energy
• Mikael Laurin, Board Member, Team Tankers International and former CEO of Laurin Maritime
• Mikael Johansson, Head of Section, Principal Consultant, DNV GL

14:25  Refreshments

14:45  On-going research projects - part 2
• Ecoprodigi - Henrik Klintenberg, RISE / SMTF
• Knowing and learning energy efficiency onboard ships - Martin Viktorelius, PhD student, Chalmers
• Innovation in shipbuilding - Hannes von Knorring, PhD, GU
• Large propeller diameter for improving ship efficiency - Arash Eslamdoost, Assistant Professor, Chalmers
• A step towards prediction of added resistance in oblique waves - Francesco Coslovich, PhD student, Chalmers

15:45  The Swedish Energy Agency's new shipping programme and concluding remarks
• Åsa Burman, Lighthouse

16:00 End

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