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How to win bids from international Non Governmental Organizations – digitalt

Welcome to an exciting afternoon on how to do business with Non-Governmental Organizations, NGO.* You will get to listen and ask questions to both organizations and companies with knowledge and experience about how to do and succeed in the tender process.

Globally, NGOs put out tender requests in the order of 80 billion US dollars annually, i.e. it is an exceptionally large market for volume products as well as products and systems for extreme situations and areas.
The event is the first information meeting in Sweden in our INGO project. A collaboration between Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia within Interreg Baltic Sea. The purpose of the meeting is to inform, arouse interest, thoughts and discussions about opportunities and challenges in this large market. In the next phase, we will support companies, consortia and, based on need, organize workshops, meetings and visits at NGO events etc. to increase the chances of winning contracts.


Startar 2023-11-30 13:00
Slutar 2023-11-30 16:00
Kapacitet Obegränsad

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